Anthony Valenti

Earl’s Mark

“I’ve been really on this big tea kick and incorporating their flavors into cocktails, so I chose Earl Grey which pairs really nicely with the honey qualities of Maker’s Mark,” says Anthony. Spirit-forward and something you can sip on a hot day is the essence of Anthony’s creation, the Earl’s Mark.


Chaz Smith

Hits The Mark

The inspiration behind Hits the Mark is a fun, simple take on the classics. “Hits the Mark is a classic summer drink that’s a patio sipper for sure,” says Chaz, “it’s nice, light and refreshing, brings all the light elements to summer while you sit on the patio and watch the traffic go by.”

Drew Stevens

Not Your Grandma’s Macadamia Nut Cookie

This cookie-flavored Old Fashioned combines Maker’s with sunflower seed butter for a unique twist. “When I used to go to my grandma’s house, she would have these beautiful macadamia nut cookies you could smell walking in the front door, so when I was doing tasting notes for Maker’s Mark, the thing that kept coming back was macadamia nut and white chocolate.”


Hannah Parrot

Smoked Rosemary Old Fashioned

For Hannah, her cocktail creation has a special tie to family. Rosemary was a memorable and beloved flavor of her childhood that she enjoyed with her relatives. “I wanted to create a cocktail where I was able to involve rosemary as well as one of my favorite bourbons, and Maker’s Mark hit the spot for that and complemented the flavors extremely well.”

James Woolley

Make It Count

The Make It Count is an interesting combination of a lot of things that… make it count: Maker’s Mark, lemon juice, simple syrup, house made guava syrup, and a little bit of egg white. “I wanted to really explore the flavor complexities of guava and Maker’s Mark, two very different flavor profiles, but combined in this cocktail really compliment each other, really complex whiskey with complex fruit.”


Lexi Healy

The Electric Dream

With a name drawing from David Bowie, The Electric Dream was inspired by a yearning for a drink on the healthier side. “After a pandemic it felt like something healthy was what a lot of people wanted, which was the reason behind including flavors of lemon, turmeric, apple, and fresh pressed ginger.”


Masumi Morrison

Bout Figgin’ Thyme

If you’re perceptive to the name, Masumi’s cocktail is exactly what it sounds like. The Bout Figgin’ Thyme creatively calls on notes of figs and thyme to mingle with Maker’s Mark, and ends with a cool finish. “Rather than mask the whiskey, the flavors I chose really compliment and let the bourbon come through for true whiskey lovers.”


TJ Vong


The name “Remembrance” is intended to evoke a different avenue in which to experience the TJ Vong’s cocktail. “A lot of my work centers around the other ways and senses that you can experience a drink through aside from just taste,” says TJ. “Using flavors like pumpkin seed and brown butter really help play off of the flavors in Maker’s Mark and bring up memories of making holiday spice cookies.”


Tim Richards

Flight to Milan

Summer is here, so it’s only right that fresh cut fruits are at the heart of this cocktail creation by Tim Richards. “I wanted to use strawberry and beets to pair with the nuttiness of Maker’s Mark”, Tim says. “I think they pair together very well.”

Veronica Ramos

Thelma Is The Loud One

Thelma Is The Loud One is inspired by Ramos’s ducks and chickens (really). The flavor profile is “loud” in a sense with strong notes from bell peppers that mix with the bold smokiness of Maker’s Mark, the kind of “noise” your tastebuds might just crave, and thank you for indulging in.