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Anthony Valenti

The Landlover

Combine honey mint simple syrup, coconut almond black tea, a bit of Laproiag, Maker’s Mark, grapefruit juice and bitters. Garnish with mint.

Ashley Hindes

The Black Mark

Muddle 2 blackberries, 2 mint leaves, and honey simple together. Add Maker’s Mark and Lemon Juice. Shake and serve in Old Fashioned Glass over large rock. Garnish with 3 blackberries and mint sprig.

Collin Griffith

Plan Bee

Shake, Collins glass, top merengue, garnish bee pollen

Doug Frank

Build It Up and Burn It Down

Combine Makers Mark Bourbon, Lime, Grapefruit, Syrup & 2 dashes of angostura in a mixing tin with 1/2 pebble and 1/2 method ice. -Shakey Shakey -Dirty Dump -Top with pebble ice & 4 dashes of Angostura Bitters -Garnish & pour overproof rum on cinnamon stick.

Drew Stevens

Fig It

Blend fig & vanilla infused makers, lemon, orange juice, local honey syrup, macadamia nut liqueur and black walnut bitters on medium setting then allow to macerate for 4 days. Strain through fine mesh strainer.

Hannah Parrott

Blueberry Bourbon Smash

First, add 4 blueberries, ~1tsp blue matcha, 1/4oz lemon juice, and 1/4oz Honey Maple syrup to a short glass, then muddle. Add ice next, then top with 2oz Maker’s Mark. Now give it a stir, then grab your lemon peel. Give it a twist over the glass to release the oils, place in glass, then enjoy!

James Woolley

Now Get This…

Add all ingredients into a shaker tin, and dry shake with no ice. Add ice, and shake again for 10 seconds. Double strain into a chilled coup glass, and garnish with a crystallized ginger candy.

Kevin Burke

One Trick Pony

Build ingredients in a Double, Old-Fashioned glass, add large ice cubes, stir until 15-25% dilution is achieved.

Sophia Vidal

Take It Easy

Add all ingredients in mixing glass over ice, stir, strain over large ice rock.

Taylor St. John

The Hara Kiri

Shaken with method ice Dirty dump Top with crushed Chamoy- lined down sides Top w/ Tomato Juice.

Thomas Vazquez


All ingredients are added to yarai and stirred. Then it is strained into a coupe glass and garnished with a sheet of nori coated with honey and sesame seeds.

Tim Richards

Black Hole Sun

Add all ingredients to a shaker tin and shake with regular ice. dirty dump into Collins glass with a few black ice cubes. Top with garnish pearls and lemon.